Tory donor's firm paid £11m to deliver PPE now gets £4.5m to destroy it

A Tory donor’s firm that was paid £11million to deliver PPE is now getting £4.5million to incinerate it.

Clipper Logistics was founded by Ferrari-driving Steve Parkin who has a jet and a helicopter. He gave £730,000 to the Conservatives and remains a shareholder after selling Clipper. Gowns, goggles and surgical gloves will be incinerated.

Two years ago Clipper – one of the UK’s leading storage and delivery groups – received £11million of taxpayer cash to deliver PPE.

Aerial photos show Michael Jackson's Neverland restored

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch has been restored back into a 'children's paradise' after it sat rotting following the pop star's death.

Billionaire Ron Burkle purchased Michael Jackson's Neverland for $22 million in December last year - and exclusive aerial photos show the work he put in to make it a fairytale land once more.

The wealthy businessman has reinstalled carnival rides and repaired the train track, which wraps around the 2,700 acre estate.

Will Epstein's 'secret ex' lift lid on Prince Andrew sex abuse claims?

A secret ‘girlfriend’ of Jeffrey Epstein identified in bombshell court papers is a Manchester-born publisher turned ‘spiritual entrepreneur’ who took scores of flights on the paedophile’s ‘Lolita Express’ private jet.

In a previously sealed email, alleged Epstein ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell named a woman called ‘Shelley’ as the millionaire’s girlfriend between 1999 and 2002, during which time sex-trafficked teenager Virginia Roberts alleges she was coerced into having sex with Prince Andrew.

Scottish island idyll scarred by dead and dying sheep abandoned in fields

It is home to about 60 people, used to leading the quietest of lives in a beauty spot renowned mainly among birdwatchers who want to catch a glimpse of a red-necked phalarope. But the remote Scottish island of Fetlar, known as “the garden of Shetland”, is no longer the paradise that it seemed.

An investigation has begun into animal cruelty involving the deaths of hundreds of sheep on a farm owned by the former directors of Erinaceous, a London property services company that collapsed owing more than £200m to creditors.

Inside Jeffrey Epstein's New Mexico ranch: Jaw-dropping pictures show paedophile's outrageous lifestyle

Dozens of new photos and video give the most revealing look yet into Jeffrey Epstein's notorious 'baby making ranch' in the New Mexico desert, including his eight person party shower that is outfitted with dozens of bottles of oils, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal.

The dead financier used the 10,000-acre Zorro Ranch as a playground for his VIP guests, who he brought to the secluded estate a few times a year, entertaining his entourage of 30 with four-wheelers and rumored illicit activities

Brad Pitt's Hurricane Katrina homes are rotting and caving in - and making residents ill

Walking around New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood, people are still angry at the impact of Hurricane Katrina and how unprepared the city was for the massive storm nearly 13 years on.

But now some of their wrath is directed at Brad Pitt and his charity Make It Right.

After the levees of the city's industrial canal were breached, the Lower Ninth Ward of predominantly black and low-income families was decimated by the floods, with most houses swept away or left in ruins

Former Scientologist says she 'was kicked out after being raped'

A former member of the Church of Scientology's elite Sea Org has told how the Church shamed, punished and ultimately kicked her out after she was drugged and raped as an 18-year-old.

Most painful of all, in her darkest hour, Siberian-born Katrina Reyes who signed the Sea Org's infamous billion-year-contract at 11 years old, was betrayed by the one person she thought she could turn to: her mother.

The Sea Org's rules concerning sexual contact effectively turned Katrina's rape into a crime.

Brother of 'The Co-Ed' serial killer Edmund Kemper breaks 40 year family silence

David Weber didn't celebrate when he was told that his half-brother Edmund Kemper had been denied parole last month. He just breathed a sigh of relief.

For over 40 years, Kemper's relatives have been living in fear that one of America's most notorious serial killers might be released from prison and come after them.

Speaking publicly for the first time, David Weber - a name he uses to protect his identity - tells DailyMail.com: 'He has this control over the family, and there's still anger over

Angelina built homes for Cambodia landmine victim and attended wedding

Saas Mean couldn't believe his luck. Before meeting Angelina Jolie, he was living in a makeshift chicken shed with other landmine victims and their families.

Blinded, maimed and suffering horrific internal injuries, he'd been virtually left to die after stepping on a landmine in 1984.

There was no care for people like Saas, who had been made a refugee during Cambodia's war ravaged years, at least until Jolie heard about the plight of landmine victims in 2000.

The Oscar-winner helped transform

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Doctor dragged from United flight breaks his silence to reveal he fears permanent brain damage and has STILL not heard from its CEO - but WOULD fly with them again

The United Airlines passenger dragged off a plane and drenched in blood after being knocked out by security reveals to DailyMail.com that he could have permanent brain damage.

In his first ever interview, Dr David Dao tells his horrific story to DailyMail.com, and reveals the impact of the ordeal which caused worldwide outrage.

Dao, 69, tells how he still cannot sleep properly, has little co-ordination and is unable to concentrate.

The grandfather's biggest fear is that he will never recover

My fears for Doris Day: Confidante who spent 40 years with star speaks

The wide grin is the same, as are the big blue eyes that once captivated America.

These intimate pictures give a fascinating glimpse of reclusive film star Doris Day, now 91, and her life after Hollywood, as unveiled by the man who cared for her for nearly 40 years.

For the first time, Sydney Wood has opened up his treasured album of photographs from his time working for Doris – and revealed his fears for the woman once known as America’s Sweetheart. Sydney, 71, was the star’s personal assistant.

Muhammad Ali’s son shut off from dad, living in poverty

In 1986, when Muhammad Ali Jr. was 14 years old, his father, the greatest boxer alive, picked up the teen for a visit.

“We got in the car, and I said I needed to stop for something to eat,” Ali Jr. recalls. “By the time I came back out, he was gone.”

Ali Jr. called his father’s new wife, Lonnie, and said, “Daddy left me up here. I don’t know why he left me.” She said she’d tell him as soon as he arrived home.

'Terrible ringing in his ears and excruciating headaches': Chris Martin's secret ten-year hearing torment

Coldplay star Chris Martin has performed in front of millions of screaming fans since hitting the big time 12 years ago.

But for the past decade we can reveal that the star has also been plagued with the excruciating ear condition, tinnitus.

The seven-time Grammy winner was warned by doctors that the debilitating ringing in his ears – coupled with splitting headaches – could end his stellar music career.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside the town Scientology built - where Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kirstie Alley rule with vast estates while Sea Org members live six-to-a-room and pay $100k to learn super powers

The anti-Scientology documentary Going Clear is shocking the world with its devastating insight into the inner workings of this most secret of religions.

The lives of Scientologists, especially hardcore Sea Org members - the top of the Scientology food chain - seems like another strange universe.

But for one area of Florida, Scientology's impact has been devastating. It's where it has built its headquarters and rules the place with an iron fist. The beautiful resort of Clearwater has millions

AMANDA KNOX EXCLUSIVE: There are no winners - only victims

Amanda Knox's acquittal for the murder of Meredith Kercher may have been greeted with cheers and fireworks in her home town of Seattle last week, but her supporters were quick to point out there have been no winners in this case - only victims.

But writer Douglas Preston - who worked with the Knox family throughout the four years Amanda was in jail, to produce his book - says the battle has left her emotionally and financially broken.

'She is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder,' Douglas told last week. 'So many lies were said, and the online savagery directed at her - I’ve never seen anything like it. It will be really hard to lead a normal life after that.'

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Michael Parkinson: The deaf are discriminated against

As a boy growing up in a South Yorkshire pit village, Michael Parkinson would sit and play dominoes with his redoubtable grandparents after school. There was very little else he could share with them – no family anecdotes, no wartime memories, no tales from school – because they were profoundly deaf.

"They had no connection with the outside world," he says. "The sadness was that my grandfather was a fascinating character but you couldn't get to him."
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